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"There's yoga, and then there's yoga. Who would guess that up a flight of stairs in downtown Montpelier, there exists such a life-changing practice? Geezum Crow Yoga has seen me through a new baby, the end of a marriage, injuries produced by long-distance running, nursing school, and a myriad of other life transitions. But there is always the yoga to come back to. I would recommend Geezum Crow to anyone who wants to feel good in their body and in their life. It's as simple as that.
Marshfield, VT



"I’m a fifty-year-old male and stiff as a board. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you won’t be able to do this stuff, or you’ll look silly trying. You can do this stuff, and like me, you will look silly trying. But nobody cares. Everybody in class is concentrating on themselves and their own practice. I finally figured out there’s a reason it’s called yoga ‘practice’ and not yoga ‘attainment’. I promise that if you practice Bikram yoga you will attain improved flexibility, strength, balance, focus and younger looking skin."
Montpelier, VT


"Five years ago when Linda opened her yoga studio in downtown Montpelier a short walk from my office, the quality of my workday was instantly enhanced by a noon time workout. Then friends started asking me about my “secret” to looking slimmer, younger and more fit. The hot yoga seems to make winter easier too. The recent offering of “yoga beyond Bikram”, Vinyasa, and Yin classes is terrific not only for the variety but also expanding awareness of our edges, resistance, and breakthroughs. I’m grateful for the deepening commitment to yoga that Linda and Jeni make possible through their consistent, high quality teaching."
Cabot, VT


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