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Hot Yoga · Hot Yoga is the classic yoga practice created by Bishnu Ghosh and passed down to Bikram Choudry.   A yoga series available to beginners who want to cultivate the mind/body connection using asana(poses) and breath. Our room is heated (85-95). Endurance, strength, balance & flexibility are enhanced while tranquility of mind and heart are at the root. This practice is open to all levels and includes the use of props and modifications. 

Seasonal Hot · In a warm room (85 -95) we practice a series of asana's to reflect the energy of the season's.   A hatha yoga class with an emphasis on breath and alignment with plenty of room for modification. If you are a Bikram practitioner you will find familiarity while being challenged by new pathways of awareness. 

Vinyasa* · With a strong focus on the breath vinyasa helps to cultivate an awareness that links each movement to the next. Drawing from many teachers and teaching styles we offer an eclectic, expressive, inspiring slow flow practiced in a warm room.

Yin* · Yin yoga is a relaxed practice of floor postures characterized by long sustained holds for 3-5 minutes, emphasizing the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. By drawing awareness away from the muscles and deeper into the bones, a profound level of relaxed focus is achieved. In an aging body, connective tissue contracts and hardens when not stimulated, resulting in a loss of range of motion and joints that are stiff and tight. With long holds that rely on gravity instead of muscular effort, we can soften these tissues making them stronger and keeping them loose.

Vinyasa/Yin* is a mix of a flow and a Yin class. The first half of class uses Vinyasa technique to build strength, flexibility, challenge your balance and concentration, and harness energy to promote inner stillness and peace. The second (Yin) part of class finds you down on the mat holding Yin poses for longer periods of time targeting the connective tissues of the body and releasing tension. Yin/Vinyasa is the same, just the order is switched up relating to the time of day in which we practice.

Noon Yoga · Enjoy a mid-day vinyasa and hatha yoga practice to stretch, move, center and breathe. Let yourself come away relaxed and re-energized for the rest of your day. All levels are welcome.

Morning Yoga · A practice to wake up the senses, the fascia and musculature. We will move slowly, freely and methodically as we find our way into a rhythm of movement that supports, opens and frees the body and mind. Open to all levels.

Yoga Foundations · Yoga Foundations is a class focusing on developing the foundation of the full range of basic poses, i.e, seated poses, standing poses, forward bends, and backbends. The poses are each taught in detail, slowly, and with demonstrations and explanations so as to help the student perform the poses safely and effectively. There is time for questions. The use of props is demonstrated and encouraged as needed. The class is ideal for brand new beginners, as well as for those who prefer a more deliberate practice. It is also a great class for those who have started or already have a regular yoga practice but want to deepen their practice or simply become more comfortable with the poses.

Hatha Yoga · Similar to Hot Yoga in that we will practice 2 sets of each pose and will do more breath work and long holds to generate our own internal fire. We will also aspire to learn a few new poses. This class is open to all levels.

Unwind & Relax · In this end of day practice we will do a sequence to support our strength and stamina, and then drop into a practice of cooling and restorative poses, turning our attention towards cultivating rest and relaxation to nourish and support the body and free the mind. Open to all levels.

*Vinyasa & Yin classes are appropriate for anyone with a seasoned regular practice. Beginners are encouraged to start with our Hot yoga classes.

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